Rib and Loin Restaurant Review, Chattanooga

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Rib and Loin Restaurant is a BBQ restaurant in Chattanooga with a couple of locations to choose from. It’s a large family restaurant with inside and outside dining areas, a drive-through, and delivery. They’ve won many awards for their BBQ and it’s not difficult to see why.

Basic Information

  • BBQ family-style restaurant
  • Price range is $10-$15 on average
  • Located in Chattanooga
  • Date of visit – 7/17/2021

Location and Parking

Rib and Loin Restaurant

Rib and Loin Restaurant we ate at is on Brainerd Rd. You can easily see the restaurant and sign at the edge of the road. Parking is a little confusing, but there are plenty of places to park. It’s easy enough to get it and out. You might have to walk in front of traffic in the drive-through, but it’s easy enough to see and they do have signs.

Their second location is on Highway 153 in Hixson (an area in northeast Chattanooga). We haven’t ever been to that location.


Rib and Loin Restaurantt

Rib and Loin is a family-style restaurant. There are several large rooms for seating inside and one porch outside under a roof. Inside are booths and tables. It also has a drive-through and they deliver.

Their focus is BBQ, which includes ribs, pulled pork, beef, and chicken. They do have other dishes, such as fish, hamburgers, and hotdogs. It very much has a cookout feel. They have southern-style side dishes, coke, tea, and a few desserts. You can get bulk meals and catering. The prices are reasonable for the food you get.

Food Quality and Portions

Food is brought out on large plates and they’re not stingy. It only took 6 minutes to get our food, which is impressive any time of the day. The plates are larger than they look in the photos.

I got pork, beef, ribs, green beans, okra, and sweet tea. All the flavors were excellent. The ribs had the most flavor. Parts were slightly dry and tough. The pork and beef were shredded very thin. The bread was thick light bread. It was lightly toasted. It could have been more toasted. I’d get it again. The ribs had a good smoke flavor. It wasn’t too mild. The mild sauce is tomato-based and has a sweet flavor.

Lucinda got shredded chicken dinner with baked beans and corn on the cob. The beans had an excellent flavor. The chicken was slightly dry without BBQ sauce. She would order it again.

Frances got a stuffed fully loaded baked potato with shredded chicken. She liked it a lot and would get it again. Not dry, excellent flavor, easy to eat even with a loose bottom denture.

The tea was a little too sweet. We asked to mix it and our waitress had no trouble mixing it for us. It was the perfect sweetness after that.

There was enough food for two meals. Although, it didn’t taste as good the next day.

Wait Staff

The wait staff was attentive. We never had to ask for refills. After we asked to mix the sweet tea and non-sweet tea, she mixed it every time.

Randy’s Thoughts

Rib and Loin is one of my favorite BBQ restaurants. The food is always fresh, flavorful, and more than I can eat in a single sitting. I’ve always gotten the same meal because I like the variety. Are they the best BBQ restaurant in East Tennessee? I have a lot of BBQ restaurants to try, but they’re definitely on the list.

Would you go back? Yes. I make sure to visit several times a year.

Lucinda’s Thoughts

The food is very good and the wait staff is friendly and attentive. It’s easy to see why Rib and Loin restaurant wins the local newspaper awards.

Would you go back? Yes, it has been one of our favorites for years. We probably won’t go back as often since we have so many restaurants to try for Travel East Tennesse but we will definitely eat here again.

Who Should Visit

Anyone that likes BBQ of all types will like Rib and Loin Restaurant. There is enough seating for large groups and it’s easy to get in and out with wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers.

More information

You can see more information about Rib and Loin Restaurant on their website.

  • 5946 Brainerd Rd.
  • Chattanooga, TN 37421
  • (423) 499-6465

Have you tried Rib and Loin Restaurant? Let us know what you think in the comments. 


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