Fireside Grille, Chattanooga

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Fireside Grille in Chattanooga isn’t what we expected. We checked out their website and were impressed. The site left out some information. It’s a 21-and-up bar and grill. This is not the kind of restaurant we would visit if we’d had more information. However, when went during lunch and it was quiet and only had a few people there.

  • Burgers, hotdogs, alcohol
  • Price range: $5-11
  • Date of visit: July 26, 2021

Location and Parking

Fireside Grille Chattanooga

Fireside Grille is in a shopping center that’s on an intersection between two main roads. It’s easy to get into from multiple directions and there’s more than enough parking space.


Fireside Grille has dining inside and outside. It includes a bar, stage, arcade, and tables. This isn’t the kind of place we feel comfortable in, but there weren’t many people there when we went, so it wasn’t too bad. There was plenty of seating away from the bar. The music was 80s rock.

Menu Variety and Price

The menu includes burgers, hotdogs, soup, salad, fish, etc. It’s the kind of food you’d expect at a bar. They also had home-cooked daily lunch specials. The prices were surprisingly low, so we expected the food to be of lower quality. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. The sandwiches and sides are priced separately.

Food Quality and Portions

I got a loaded hotdog with tater tots. I expected a basic hotdog with everything on it. This was by far better than that. I asked the waitress what it was. She just said that it was a “restaurant brand” all-beef hotdog. The bun was something you’d get in a deli. It was easily worth twice the price. The tater tots also had a good flavor. All the food was far better than I expected. I could only eat half. I ate the rest for lunch the next day and it tasted great as leftovers.

Hotdog rank = S

Lucinda got a Philly cheesesteak with onion rings. It was smooth and tasted great. She would get it again. It was good, but not exceptional.

Philly cheesesteak rank = A-

Wait Staff

The waitress was kind and attentive. Even though she was the only person we saw waiting on tables and running the register, we never had to wait for very long on anything. She checked on us several times.

Randy’s Thoughts

I like well-made hotdogs and this one is easily one of the best, if not the best, that I’ve had. I’m not a fan of this type of environment, but it wasn’t bad the day we were there. If we were too uncomfortable we would have had our lunch outside or taken it with us.

Would you go back? Yes, but I’d probably eat outside or get it to go. If the atmosphere was the same as the day we were there I’d eat inside. The hotdog is worth it.

Lucinda’s Thoughts

The food is good, but it has more of a bar atmosphere than I’m comfortable with.

Would you go back? I would, but I wouldn’t want to eat inside. I want to try some of their daily specials. Everything I’ve heard about them, they sound good.

Who Should Visit

Anyone that likes great hotdogs and is okay with the bar and grill atmosphere will enjoy Fireside Grille in Chattanooga.

More information

Address: 3018 Cummings Hwy # H, Chattanooga, TN 37419

Have you tried the Fireside Grille in Chattanooga? Let us know what you think in the comments. 


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