Venture Pal Backpack Review

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The Venture Pal Backpack is a lightweight daypack that’s designed for hiking, camping, or any other outdoor adventure. It rolls up to be easy to store and has a 40-liter capacity. I bought this backpack for review and for our Travel East Tennessee adventures. This article contains my thoughts on using this backpack in a variety of places and events.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Light
  • 40 liter capacity
  • Highly adjustable
  • Water resistant
  • Lots of color options
  • Stores in its own bag


  • 11 colors but still has limited patterns
  • Only the zipper pulls are metal
  • No padding for compartments
  • Little padding for shoulder straps

Material and Durability

The Venture Pal Backpack is made of nylon and includes heavy-duty zippers, heavy-duty plastic fasteners, nylon straps, and a double-layered bottom piece. Since it’s a daypack, it doesn’t have an internal frame and it’s smaller than overnight backpacks. It folds up into its own small pocket for storage.

Six small loops on the front are reflective. There are two nylon loops on the bottom to tie things to. The chest straps include hard plastic loops that you can tie things to. The fasteners the chest straps are connected to a loop that’s thinner than I expected.

The chest strap fastener has a whistle. The whistle provides a loud high pitch that’s easy to hear from a short distance. It’s a little bit of a piercing tone, but it doesn’t carry that far. The stitching does seem to be durable. The zipper pulls are metal. The zipper teeth feel like plastic, but I’m not 100% sure. I haven’t had any issues with the zippers.


The shoulder straps have a little bit of padding. The straps are adjustable. It does feel tight, but once you get the balance right it’s barely noticeable. It also has a strap across the top that can be used as a handle to carry it like a bag.


It has two compartments for storage with extra pockets inside each compartment. On the outside is a mesh pocket on each side that is ideal for water bottles. The mesh pockets would probably be the first thing to tear, but mine hasn’t had any issues so far.

Inside the large compartment are two more pockets and the bag that the backpack rolls up into. One of the pockets is a dry pack that’s accessed from the back. It’s closed with a zipper. This pocket is made of thick plastic and provides a good way to carry anything wet.

The second compartment is a large zippered pocket in the front. It has a smaller pocket inside.

Thoughts on Using the Venture Pal Backpack

From a design standpoint, I think it looks great in any environment. I saw several people with them on our recent trip to Dollywood. I love the color choices. I chose orange because it’s one of my favorite colors and it’s our branded color here at Travel East Tennessee. It’s a lot darker than the product photo, but I actually like this color so I’m okay with it. It could have a touch more padding in the shoulder straps, but I’m sure that would make it not fit into the bag.

I’ve used it on hiking trails at Bay’s Mountain (where most of these photos are from) and camping at Blackberry Blossom. I’ve carried binoculars, a selfie stick, a Fire 10, a foldable keyboard, snacks, water bottles, books, a waterproof Bible, etc. I usually carry around 10 lbs. It’s easier to have someone else grab things from the compartments or grab a water bottle from the mesh pockets.

At first, I had the straps too loose and the backpack drooped on my back, but once I tightened the straps it fit more comfortably. Did I think to take a picture with the straps tightened correctly? Of course not. It’s easy to roll it back into its pouch to store it, but I like to leave it packed and ready.

It’s light, comfortable, and feels balanced. It has enough room for our needs. It can easily hold enough water, food, a few accessories for 1-4 people on an out and back hiking trip. The material is thin. I don’t think it would offer much protection for expensive items such as a laptop or camera. The color doesn’t match that close to the product photo, so keep that in mind when ordering. This is one of the highest-rated backpacks on Amazon and it’s easy to see why.

Price and Value

The current price is $22.99 on Amazon. I think the Venture Pal Backpack is more than worth this price. I highly recommend it for any vacation, hiking, or camping trip.

Have you tried the Venture Pal Backpack? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.


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