Ozone Falls – Crossville

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Ozone Falls is a 110-foot waterfall near Crossville. It’s called “Ozone” because of the air quality that’s created by the mist from the waterfall. It has lots of trails in various difficulties, and every one of them is picturesque with lots of trees and rocks.

Main Points

  • 110′ waterfall
  • Amphitheater
  • Easy hiking on the top
  • Rugged 3/4 mile hiking trail to the bottom
  • Rocky
  • 43 acres for hiking
  • Near I40
  • Filmed in the movie “Jungle Book”
  • Free


ozone falls

The parking area for Ozone Falls is small and confusing. Lucinda’s iPhone had us turn on the road just before the parking area and told us we had arrived when we reached a private drive. There are about 3 parking spaces near the welcome sign. They will usually be full. The other parking area ended up being on the opposite side of the road. It didn’t have a sign or an actual parking lot. Everyone just parked their car wherever they could.

Welcome Sign

The Ozone Falls welcome sign provided information about the area and the waterfall. It includes a map of nearby natural attractions, threats, conservation information, trails, site management, etc.

Upper Trail

There isn’t a sign showing the trail, but the upper trail is behind the welcome sign. It’s a 300-foot trail that takes you to the top of the waterfall. This trail is easy to walk as most of it is on a flat rock bed. You get a good look at the stream leading into the fall. You also get a good look at the surrounding area. You can see the top of the waterfall, but it’s difficult to see much without getting dangerously close to the edge.

Lower Trail

The lower trail of Ozone Falls also isn’t marked, but it goes off to the right of the welcome sign. Once you get to a stone wall, you’ll see some steps made from rocks. This is the lower trail. It has a combination of step rocks and some flat areas. Following this trail takes you to a cliff which is about the middle of the waterfall. One of the rocky formations is known as Gambler’s Den rock house.

More rocky trails lead you down to the bottom of the waterfall. Several trails go in multiple directions. Following these trails is the most dangerous part of the hike. It’s extremely steep until you get to the bottom.


The Ozone Falls waterfall itself is extremely tall and has a nice area for swimming. It’s surrounded by wet rocks that are difficult to walk across. It’s difficult to walk up to it because of the wet rocks, but it is fun to get up close to it.

Randy’s Thoughts

Ozone Falls is pretty. I enjoyed the hike a lot. I didn’t expect such a rocky trail, but I enjoyed walking across the rocks. I’d like to see some signs showing where to park and where the trails are. I’d also like to see some warning signs about the steep rocky trails and wet rocks.

Would you go back? Yes. The waterfall is pretty and I’d like to go back and spend more time following the other hiking trails. Also, there are so many plants and trees that I want to go back with a guide to identify them.

Lucinda’s Thoughts

The waterfall is beautiful and the hike is enjoyable as long as you don’t try to rush. I think this short but steep hike would be great practice for someone just getting into hiking who’s considering a longer trail with steep sections. Especially since there is such beautiful scenery, a place to swim, and some flatter trails at the bottom.

Would you go back? Definitely, I would love to go back to hike one of the other trails and see the waterfall again. My son might go with us next time. We probably won’t go back soon since there are so many waterfalls in East Tennesse we want to visit.

Who Should Visit

If you’re a fan of waterfalls and you don’t mind climbing across a rocky trail to get to one, Ozone Falls is a great choice. I don’t recommend it for anyone that has trouble climbing steep steps or loses their balance easily. It’s not accessible for strollers or wheelchairs. It’s worth going if you’re an hour away.

More information


24 Office Dr. (Hwy. 127 S.)
Crossville, TN 38555


8:00 AM to 7:00 PM – Summer
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Winter


Also in the area:

  • Camp Ozone
  • Reunion Camp Ground
  • Renfro Creek
  • Crab Orchard Mountains


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