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Travel East Tennessee Advertising Policy

This site contains affiliate links and ads. We may receive a commission if you use our links. This includes Amazon links and other advertisers. This is a great way to help us keep this site running at no cost to you.

All reviews are 100% honest, regardless of whether we purchased the product or service, or were provided the product or service in exchange for a review. We will never promote a product or service we don’t believe in. Our goal is always to review and promote products honestly from our own experience. We do not receive compensation for reviews.

All ads will be family-friendly. If we do work with advertisers for a sponsored post, that doesn’t mean we completely endorse the sponsor or product. In this case, we’re providing information we think would be interesting to our readers while supporting the website. If we suspect an ad is inappropriate, we will pull the ad from our website.

All advertisements must be relevant to traveling in East Tennessee.

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